Communicate effortlessly and real time with customers

Do your customers require that you use the latest EDI technology?

Do you already use EDI, but are you afraid that it no longer meets the increasing requirements?

Or do you no longer want to be dependent on a third party for your EDI connection?

Get started with  DataHub, create a transparent process and simplify your work. Give yourself the opportunity to eliminate manual actions as much as possible and reduce errors to the minimum.

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Exploit the benefits of the digital age

Our EDI solution perfectly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and ensures that manually entering data is a thing of the past. The platform offers the possibility to fully automate communication – from order to invoice.


Various customers – such as Estron, AGRO Merchants, IDP and Korpershoek – are already using the advantages of our EDI interfaces.

Map customer-specific messages and streamline your processes

Would you like to communicate with your customers without fuss? Forget about the “battle” that it takes to connect different systems. Boltrics’ DataHub can solve your integration problems while taking care of the mapping of customer-specific messages. Without high implementation costs. Pay per message.

Working Together

Advantages of DataHub

  • Always up-to-date with the latest technology

  • Connect servers and technology

  • A safe environment with Microsoft Azure

  • Avoid unnecessary costs. Pay per user

What is a DataHub?

DataHub is a platform for organizing, managing, sharing, collaborating and processing data. In essence, it is a jointly managed, collaborative platform that makes it easier to process data. Giving you the opportunity to enter and process data automatically in your own system and that of your trade partners.

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