Our Freight Forwarding software is the ultimate software solution for handling air freight, sea freight, road freight and customs activities.


You administrate the procurement and sale of transport services (forwarders); from planning down to invoice. Be it a single transport order or a set of groupage requests; you have constant oversight into your performance levels


Road Freight

And groupage


With the air freight module in our FMS software you handle all your air freight processes: requests for quotes, shipments, bookings and order processing. The corresponding documentation is generated by the software. Our forwarding software can be linked to the well-known air logistics companies, such as Cargonaut.

With export consignments, the House Air Way Bill and the Master Air Way Bill can then be printed off or sent as an email. Links with customs systems for import and export can be quickly facilitated.

Air Freight

The import and export of groupage / LTL consignments are handled in the groupage module. Separate bookings are registered per destination that is subsequently linked to a container file as split consignments. The software bears the total weight and format of the split consignments in mind. It is a quick matter for you to then compile loading lists and a container manifest.


Sea Freight

With Sea Freight Export/Import, you book complete containers (FCL, Full Container Load) or consolidated containers (LCL, Less than Container Load) for your customers.

You register the details necessary for the export consignment, and subsequently quickly generate a booking confirmation, transport request, customs request, customs clearance document or Transit declaration, a CMR waybill, or a shipment instruction.

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Freight Forwarding software using Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

3PL Dynamics is based on Microsfot Dynamics Business Central

Microsoft's technology guarantees a high level of reliability and flexibility.  But more so, it guarantees access to the top worldwide business technology and the Billions of USD in R&D investments per year from Microsoft.  (2019 = 16.876 B$)


Needless to say, the system works on all devices and communicates seamlessly with other Microsoft programs such as Microsoft Office and the financial system of Dynamics Business Central. 

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FMS Modules : 

  • Air Import/Export

  • Sea  Import/Export

  • Road Transportation

  • Integration to Port Base, INTTRA, and Cargonaut

  • Groupage

  • Potential integration to Canada and USA customs

  • Integration to Carriers

Forwarding Activity Automation

On top of having all the functionalities necessary for a logistics service provider, 3PL Dynamics consists of a specialized automation system specifically designed to streamline processes and save time for your team.  This allows the whole team to be more efficient from Sales right up to Invoicing.  


We have over 160 Logistics Service providers using 3PL Dynamics.  We will have no trouble getting you a reference for a business similar to yours. 

Use an Industry standard software


Trusted by companies like yours in your industry. 

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Check out other modules of 3PL Dynamics

for Logistics Service Providers

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TMS for Road Transportation

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WMS for 3PL warehouses and Cold Storage


EDI and Customer connectivity

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